Bingo Calls

# Call # Call
Kelly's eye
Buttered scone
At the beginning
Little Jimmy
Nelson's Column
B1 baby of Bingo
One little duck
Baby's done it
Doctor Who
Me and you
Buckle my shoe
Little boy blue
Cup of tea
Dearie me
I'm free
Debbie McGee
You and me
Goodness me
Monkey on the tree
One little flea
Knock at the door
The one next door
On the floor
Bobby Moore
Man alive
One little snake
Jack's alive
Tom's tricks
Tom Mix
Chopping sticks
Lucky seven
God's in Heaven
David Beckham
One little crutch
Garden gate
Golden Gate
At the gate
Harry Tate
Gareth Gates
One fat lady
Sexy Kate
Is she in yet?
She's always late
Doctor's orders Tony's Den
Gordon's Den
Downing Street
Cock and hen
Uncle Ben
Legs eleven
Legs, they're lovely
Kelly's legs
Chicken legs
Skinny legs
One dozen
One and two - a dozen
Monkey's cousin
One doz' if one can
Unlucky for some
Devil's number
Baker's dozen
Valentines Day
Young and keen
Stroppy teen
Rugby team
Sweet sixteen
She's lovely
Never been kissed
Dancing queen
Often been kissed
Old Ireland
The age to catch 'em
Posh and Becks
Coming of age
Key of the Door
Now you can vote
Goodbye teens One score
Getting plenty
Blind 20
Key of the door
If only I was...
Just my age
Royal salute
Two little ducks
Ducks on a pond
Dinky doo
Quack quack
Bishop Desmond
Put your 22's on
Too(t) too(t)
All the two's
Thee and me
A duck and a flea
The Lord's my shepherd
Two dozen
Did you score?
Pompey whore
Do you want some more?
Duck and dive Pick and mix
Bed and breakfast
Half a crown
Gateway to Heaven
Little duck with a crutch
In a state
Duck and it's mate
The old brags
Rise and shine
You're doing fine
In your prime
Dirty Gertie
Burlington Bertie
Speed limit
Blind 30
Flirty thirty
Ali G
Your face is dirty
Get up and run Buckle my shoe
Jimmy Choo
Dirty Knee(s)
All the feathers
All the threes
Gertie Lee
Two little fleas
Sherwood Forest
Ask for more
Dirty whore
Jump and jive Three dozen
More than eleven
A flea in heaven
Christmas cake
Those famous steps
All the steps
Jack Benny
Naughty Forty
Two score
Life begins at
Blind 40
Time for fun
Life's begun
Winnie the Pooh
That famous street in Manhattan
Down on your knees Droopy drawers
All the fours
Aldershot ladies
Diana Dors
Open two doors
Halfway there
Halfway House
Cowboy's friend
Up to tricks
Four and seven Four dozen
P.C. (Police Constable)
Nick nick
Rise and shine
Half a century
Bull's eye
Bung hole
Blind 50
Hawaii five o
Snow White's number
Tweak of the Thumb
I love my Mum
The Highland Div(ision)
Danny La Rue
Chicken Vindaloo
Pack 'o Cards
Weeks in a Year
The Lowland Div(ision)
Stuck in the Tree
The Joker
Feng Shui
The Welsh Div(ision)
Clean the Floor
House of Bamboo
Snakes Alive
All the Fives
Give us Fives
Bunch of Fives
Double nickels
Was she worth it?
Heinz Varieties
All the Beans
Make them Wait
Choo Choo Thomas
Brighton Line Five Dozen
Three Score
Blind 60
Baker's Bun Turn on the Screw
Tickety boo
Tickle Me Red Raw
The Beatles Number
Old Age Pension
Stop work
Clickety Click
All the Sixes
Made in Heaven
Argumentative Number
Saving Grace
Either Way Up
The same both ways
Your place or mine?
Any way up
Any way round
The French Connection
Yum Yum
A meal for two
Three Score & Ten
Blind 70
Bang on the Drum
J-Lo's Bum
Six Dozen
A Crutch and a Duck
Par for the course
Queen B
Under the Tree
Camomile Tea
Crutch and a Flea
Candy Store
Grandmamma of Bingo
Strive & Strive
Big Daddy
On the Skive
Granddaddy of Bingo
Seven 'n' Six-was she worth it?
Sunset Strip
All the Sevens
The double Hockey Stick
Two little Crutches
Heaven's Gate
One More Time Eight & Blank
Four Score
Gandhi's Breakfast
Blind 80
There you go Matey
Stop & Run
Fat lady and a little wee
Straight On Through
Fat Lady with a Duck
Time for Tea
Fat Lady with a Flea
Ethel's Ear
Seven Dozen
Staying Alive Between the Sticks
Torquay in Devon
Fat lady with a Crutch
Fat lady with a Cane
Two Fat Ladies
Wobbly wobbly
All the Eights
Nearly There
All but one
Top of the Shop
Top of the House
Blind 90
As far as we go
End of the Line